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Loc de munca: Spital "Dr. Trifun Panovski" in Bitola, Macedonia
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Despre mine
Aleksandar "Sasha" Trajkovski ,M.D. (Slovene: Saša Trajkovski, Macedonian Cyrillic: Александар "Саша" Trajkovski ,rendered in English as Sasha Trajkovski,born March 28,1985 in Bitola, Socialist Republic of Macedonia,SFR Yugoslavia) is a Slaveno-Macedonian medical doctor and tennis player. He was twice National champion in tennis of Republic of Macedonia, ranked among the best ten sports men in years 1997/99 and awarded with the “golden ball”. He is also the best tennis player of MTA (Macedonian Tennis Association).

Early life Dr. Trajkovski was born in a high educated family and he continues the family tradition as a third generation university educated, that is rarely to meet nowadays. His mother Snezana is a Technological engineer and his father, Miroslav Trajkovski - a doctor of medicine. He is also an ex tennis player. Noticing the draw to the sport and the talent of their child , his parents direct his way to the tennis. Following the steps of his father, dr.Trajkovski starts training in Bitola tennis club(now Zlatko Pavlovski Academy), on the age of five.
Having in mind his enthusiasm to the highest provocations, he starts off an ascent in his success first in the sport area and along with that continuous with realizing the dream of his life-becoming a high qualified doctor of medicine.

Tennis Career

Dr. Trajkovski as a member of the tennis club “Bitola” in Bitola, is competing more than seven years on all tournaments in his category, organized by the Macedonian Tennis Associatio. (MTA).
His training and competitive period is leaded by a professional team with the head trainer and sparring partner on technical and tactful plan Mister Zlatko Pavlovski.
Starting with the year 1993 Aleksandar Trajkovski when for a first time goes into a competition, shows his capability as a young hopeful sports man, who needs serious attention in achieving further results. He is trains with great efforts helped by his trainer Mister Zlatko Pavlovski, in difficult training conditions, only in summer. Through the winter are practiced both psychic and physic trainings under cover and thus improves his abilities. This is the way how Trajkovski achieves his results:
- continuous playing in the finals for junior category until 12 years,
- continuous playing in the finals for juniors category until 14 years, resulting as:
• National champion of Republic of Macedonia in junior’s category until 12 years, in year 1997
• National champion of Republic of Macedonia in junior’s category until 14 years, in year 1999
Aleksandar Trajkovski also participates at several international tennis tournaments of the European tennis Association in R. of Bulgaria, Sofia and Banki. As a national champion he is sent to the European championship in San Remo – Italy in the period of 19 to 26 July 1999. His results from San Remo improves his points standing on the list of the European Tennis Association.
He is pronounced in Republic of Macedonia, because of his points standing, as a best tennis player by MTA in the categories for juniors to 12 and 14 years old and awarded with the “golden ball”. Because of his success and achieved results, Aleksandar Trajkovski is ranked twice among the best ten sports men of the year in his town Bitola.He begins the most successful tennis player in the existence of the tennis club Bitola,now A.T.P.(Academy of Teniss Pavlovski).
In spite of all Trajkovski is not satisfied with his results and achievements so now he continues to new challenges and attainments in science and medicine.

Science Career Aside from his tennis achievements, he is also awarded as a best student in his generation for the school year 1999/2000 in his school "Goce Delcev", confirming his ability as an excellent tennis player and an excellent student.
Having many obligations in his studies at the high school “Josip Broz Tito” in Bitola, Trajkovski has to continue playing recreational tennis until today as a doctor of medical sciences.
Actually his main objective and the highest motivation of his life is to proudly follow the family tradition of becoming a high educated on third generation. This tradition begins his not only favorite, but also grandfather -Trajkovski Aleksandar 1, who is a diplomatic jurist and a lawyer by education.
Trajkovski is also a member of the Romanian Medical Association, and Romanian Academy of (surgery).He completes his medical degree in the one of the highest prestigious university of Medicine in the world , U.M.F.“Carol Devilla” – 1857, in Bucharest – Romania.He has been in private practice in local organizations ,at the prestigious hospitals in Skopje(Macedonia),Bucharest(Romania) and other countries. He also attends a lot of Medical Congresses that take place in various cities around the country. So he meets great and honoured colleagues of his from all over the world with that he commutes a mixture of thoughts and experiences. But the most important is that he has had the best time working with many, many people, helping them reach their goals. Doctor Trajkovski loves working with patients – talking with them, nagging at them, dealing with their needs and wants. He really always tries to do his best, and is never just satisfied with a job done, it must be a job well done. He always goes for the extra credit. Now he is writing and publishing in medicine and His dream is coming true, top clinic, wonderful team and thousands of operations...
”Success is the prize for those who stand true to their ideas!”

Personal life In the interim of his achievements and career as a doctor of medical sciences, in January 2010, he was attracted by the bulgarian girl Eli Metodieva. Graduating as an economist in the European University Cyprus, she continued her education in the master program of Bank Management in Sofia. As a result of their fervent relationship, they married on 21 of October, 2010 in Sofia,Blgaria.To be completed their joy they are on their way to have a baby- the inheritor of the family Trajkovski.As they have shared they are planning to have five children.It must be pointed out that all they have achieved so far, their success they due to God. The most important is that both they rely on Him and are always thankful to God.
UMF 'Carol Davila' Bucuresti
Facultate: Medicina generala
Promotia: 2011
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Spital "Dr. Trifun Panovski" in Bitola, Macedonia
martie 2012 - prezent
Functie: medic rezident
Localitate: Bitola, Macedonia
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